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Geo Master is a fun and fast card game of collecting pairs, three of a kind,
runs and groups to gain points! Each card is jam packed with lots of educational information,
but the game is also fun and memorable to play.

Action cards are based on real geological terms and situations to create fun scenarios,
gain more points, play against other players and enhance your own hands.

It can be played with a small group as well as a larger group of players. Additional cards for
more geological specimens and actions cards will be available soon.

It's fun for both kids and adults to play. Easy to learn and challenging to master.
As a parent, grandparent, caregiver or educator, you won't find yourself bored playing with younger players.
It has elements of familiar card games with fun twists that give the game a vibe that is unique!

Give Geo Master a try and we think you'll even learn a thing or two
about geology along with your kids!


Geo Master includes 108 cards in a double deck game

Instructions and a storage box

Beautiful, full color professional playing cards with a linen finish



ONLY $21.00 for a limited time!